The Official Raychulholics Club is a monthly fan club that includes different subscription tier amounts coupled with monthly exclusive gifts!!

* If Patreon isn't your thing, then look below for other options!!

All subscriptions help me to continue doing what I love by allowing me to create new and more complex cosplays! 

Every little bit of love and support goes a long way and means the world to me!! <3


$10 tier

This tier gives you access to my entire subscriber-only feed PLUS:

  • Limited access to my members-only site; which features cosplay progress pics and sneak peeks of upcoming cosplays and photoshoots

  • Access to monthly private chat and movie night

  • Unlimited access to our private Raychulholics Discord server


$25 tier

Past tier rewards PLUS:

  • Unlocks the Gallery on which gives you unlimited access to all monthly exclusive and pre-release photo shoots

  • Access to my private Instagram (only for as long as you stay subscribed at this tier or above. Lifetime access unlocks at the Sexy Tier level)

  • Access to monthly exclusive downloadable wallpaper



$50 tier

Past tier rewards PLUS:

  • Monthly autographed & personalized 11x17 exclusive print

  • Raychulholics welcome pack which includes a sticker/button combo + 4x6 signed Thank You print (upon joining)

  • An exclusive 4x6 signed & personalized birthday card during your birthday month

  • Official Raychulholics membership card (bring your membership card to a convention I'm at and get a free print!)



$75 tier

Past tier rewards PLUS:

  • Sexy Downloads: Access to the Photoset Digipack section of which will allow you to download each new photoset as they are released, and also includes additional sexy photos that were not released in the public set

  • Exclusive Videos: Access to the Exclusive Video section of where you can view/download all the new and past exclusive videos from each month

  • Lifetime access to my private Instagram feed which features try-on pics and videos, BTS goodies and sneak peeks at upcoming galleries

  • Signed monthly collectible mini-print from Patreon-exclusive photoshoot!



$100 tier

Past tier rewards PLUS:

  • Monthly one-of-a-kind signed Polaroid that I take just for you! <3

  • Monthly 11x17 print of your choice from my print shop’s current stock or from any past subscriber-only gallery (in addition to the monthly Patreon-exclusive print)

  • Monthly hand-drawn picture of whatever my brain comes up with in stick figure form! (and believe me, I've put zero skill points into my artistic this is sure to come out wonderfully!)

  • Free Raychulholics t-shirt in the first month!!

  • Special thanks mention on my website



$200 tier 

Past tier rewards PLUS:

* Only 5 available *

  • Monthly personal video from me in which I may or may not, but probably, will sing you a song. <3

  • VIP invites at con meetups and appearances

  • Free Yearly Calendar – after 2 months of membership at this tier level

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