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* If Patreon isn't for you, that's ok! Check below for other options!

The Official Raychulholics Club is a monthly fan club that includes different subscription tier amounts coupled with monthly exclusive gifts!!

All subscriptions help me to continue doing what I love by allowing me to create new and more complex cosplays! 

Every little bit of love and support goes a long way and means the world to me!! <3



This tier gives you access to my entire subscriber-only feed PLUS:

  • Access to my private Instagram (only for as long as you stay subscribed at this tier or above. Lifetime access unlocks at the Sexy Tier level) 

  • Limited access to my members-only site; which features cosplay progress pics and sneak peeks of upcoming cosplays and photoshoots

  • Unlimited access to our private Raychulholics Discord server 



Past tier rewards PLUS:

  • Unlocks the Gallery on which gives you unlimited access to all monthly exclusive and pre-release photoshoots (excludes photos that are only available in the Sexy Tier and above)

  • Access to monthly exclusive downloadable wallpaper

  • 10% discount code for all products in my store



Past tier rewards PLUS:

  • Sexy Downloads: Access to the monthly Gallery Download which will allow you to download the full exclusive monthly gallery and additional super sexy pics not released in the public set

  • Exclusive Videos: Access to the Exclusive Video section of

  • Private Access: Lifetime access to my private Instagram feed which features try-on pics and videos, BTS goodies and sneak peeks at upcoming galleries

  • Digital Goodies: Free digital desktop calendar at the end of the year



Past tier rewards PLUS:

  • Exclusive Print: Monthly autographed & personalized 11x17 exclusive print

  • Raychulholics Member Pack: A special goody pack filled with a sticker/button combo plus a 4x6 signed Thank You print and Official Raychulholics membership card (bring your membership card to a convention I'm at and get a free print!)

  • Unlimited Sexy Downloads: Access to all my past photoset downloads in the Digipack Archive 



Past tier rewards PLUS:

  • Private Polaroid: Monthly one-of-a-kind signed Polaroid that I take just for you! <3

  • Personal Print: Monthly 11x17 print of your choice from my print shop’s current stock or from any past subscriber-only gallery (in addition to the monthly Patreon-exclusive print)

  • T-shirt: Free Raychulholics t-shirt in the first month!!

  • Special thanks mention on my website



Past tier rewards PLUS:

* Only 5 available *

  • Monthly personal video from me in which I may or may not, but probably, will sing you a song. <3

  • VIP invites at con meetups and appearances

  • Free Yearly Calendar – after 2 months of membership at this tier level

If Patreon isn't your thing, but you still want full access to exclusive content 

I'm now on OnlyFans!!



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